Letter From CEO

Letter From CEO

I am excited to welcome you to Raymond International College.

You are about to begin your study journey at Raymond International College, and we want to help you make your learning journey rewarding.

The Student Handbook contains all necessary information that is useful during your study.

Raymond International College offers exceptional student support services for everyone to make your experience satisfying and worth it. We have something for everyone to make your experience more fulfilling and more fun.

The information in this handbook may be updated from time to time; it is your responsibility to always visit Raymond’s website for the latest version of this handbook and additional information which can be found on: www.raymondcollege.edu.au

Please feel free to give suggestions and make comments regarding our standard of service to you, to help us to improve and make your learning experience enjoyable.

Thank you for choosing Raymond International College. I hope your year ahead is both challenging and successful.